The truth is – I love what movement does for the spirit. Particularly for empowering people – especially women.

And here, in this photo (above), a friend captured a moment. Those who have followed my daughter’s battle with bullies may appreciate this moment.

If all I do is make it possible for one woman to decide if “yes” is what she wants and not just what someone else or society expects of her.

If all I do is help one woman stand up and walk out of an abusive relationship.

If all I do is help one woman put her dukes up and meet cancer or bullies head on – well, then I have done all I came here to do.

In this photo is my 12-year-old daughter. Watch out, Bullies. Someone found her strength. Look at that core engagement. Look at that guard. Take cover, Bullies. You better run.

– Amanda Strand Strand, Co-Creator, Freedom Group Exercise