Good Morning My Loves,

Here is a request – and of course there will be exceptions – when you attend the class of a fellow instructor please do not walk out.

I say “walk out” because from the stage your fellow instructor on stage cannot “tell” that you are going to the bathroom and you will be right back. Maybe you are injured. Maybe you don’t feel well. Maybe you have a dentist appointment, or maybe you don’t think this instructor is any good. Maybe you think she won’t notice. But I place my money on the fact that she will.

Especially – especially – if she just wrecked a song. That is the time to cheer louder and stay put in support of her. You are an instructor now, and we do not roll like other dance/fitness formats. We go to each other’s rescue, we do not desert each other when the going gets tough.

Members are different. Members are part of the team of our BANG/Freedom family, but the code of conduct is different for them.

When you become an instructor, you begin to understand – even if you are not teaching yet – what goes into what we do up there. As a sign of respect for your craft, and your fellow fitness instructor craftsman/woman – please use the restroom before class whenever possible. Please try to spread yourselves out in the studio and support members that are new – this is a challenge as we like to connect with our friends in class, fellow instructors and members we feel close to.

But please make it a practice to connect with at least one person you do not know in the class each time if you are attending and not teaching – that means taking the time to say more than “Hello” – that means ask their name, if they have been to this class before, where are they from, etc. Please ask them three questions and listen to their answers before moving on to your friends. My co-creator, Ben, does a great session about this at fitness conferences. If you have not had a chance to attend one of these, you are in for a treat as he will be doing some on this sessions on the cruise next May.

It is always ok to come in late, quietly. We are always glad to have more hands on deck!

Lastly, I know we love to work on our technique in the mirror. Of course, we are all always working on technique, but your fellow instructor may need you. Please keep one part of your attention on your instructor sister/brother. If she goes into the woods, please go with her.

The success of the class, may also depend on you out there on the floor:

  • Is her mic to loud?
  • Is his music too loud?
  • How can you help him or her, while enjoying your work out.

I hear stories of this happening all over – Old Town, Camp LeJeune, Stafford, Norfolk, Atlanta. I see it in assessment videos – instructors helping a sister/brother instructor who is taping in the background by setting up a late comer to a barre class, adjusting the sound, and cheering. You may not think I notice that, but I definitely do.

This good work does not end when the assessment videos are done and dusted.

You are important. You are needed. You are a member of the team. And your kindness and generosity and support toward your fellow team members is what makes what we do special and more than just exercise.

Those that do this already….are noticed. I notice in my own classes. I deeply appreciate it every single time it happens. Sometimes as an instructor I still start to sink beneath the waves…and one cheer from one of you…saves me.

Thank you for being that kind of fitness company, every day, wherever you are. You are noticed. You matter. You are making a difference – to members and to each other. Thank you.

–  Amanda Strand, Co-Founder, Freedom Group Exercise
June, 2017