Re-posted from Amanda’s post on her Amanda Bidlack Strand Facebook Page on August 10, 2017.

Last night I was speaking with a few of my dear ones. One was saying that she had given up a class that brought her $100 per class once per month, in order to teach a class every week for $20. Now, this particular person is someone of deep understanding, she has seen a lot of life. She made this choice not for financial reasons, but because she believes in the mission of Freedom Group Exercise and she believes we are not just toning biceps, but saving livesinspiring others, bringing joy and empowerment and fitness in an inseparable combination which is at the heart of what we do. She is willing to work harder (commuting to the new class in traffic from Bethesda to Ballston – ouch!) to do more for people who may benefit from what we offer. Thank you, Stephanie Brown 

I mention this person but this is a story that is being replayed in small ways in the hearts of so many team members. It strengthens my resolve. We really are a different sort of fitness company. We are not just the 5 senses, we also value intention – the why. Why we do what we do. We are not one religion. We are not one culture. We are deeply rooted in our celebration of authentic cultures voiced through music from Mozart to Too Short. As we delve into those voices – we discover again and again that we are so much more alike than we are different.

Our intention – our “why’s”are about strength of body and spirit. Our “why’s” are about connecting to one another, supporting one another, and sharing in our struggle to get and stay fit enough to enjoy the lives we have been given to the fullest.

Our why’s transcend personal financial gain and how we look in our jeans. As nice as those things are.

It has become so much bigger than ourselves…it has become about the people who need us. And the honor it is to serve.