From Fujie Horii Roth:

Happy New Year Van Ness! 💞  I’ve been teaching this class since April last year. I teach my class on Friday noon. It’s been a small class but there are 5 retired ladies always come to my class every Friday even during crazy weather like this blizzard day🌬😵They rarely miss my class. They said they have lost lot of daytime classes so they want to make sure to keep BANG. Those ladies never give up spike, boxing, squat tracks some even do mountain climber with me all the time. I am so grateful that they said they really enjoy my class and BANG. Hopefully, the class will grow little more this year and I will be able to keep offering good and fun workout for them and to help them to be stronger and healthier in this year!!!

 —  feeling grateful at Gold’s Gym Van Ness.