E. Kelly Brown (@fit2betried) runs a highly regarded fitness blog called “Fit To Be Tried” about her group fitness adventures (and misadventures).

She recently took a BANG Power Dance class taught by Sara and team at Sport & Health Old Town Alexandria, VA – a “class that was so good that I felt like I must shout it from the internet.

This morning was the most fun I’ve had in a workout class potentially ever. Yeah, I know that is a big proclamation, but I am not alone.

Everyone was pumped about the class this morning. That was evidenced by the fact that the class was jam packed with smiling faces. I started talking to a woman next to me who is a regular to the class, Rachel, and she was beaming while talking about the class before the warm-up. She admittedly has zero rhythm (I can relate), but she promised the music was great and she just loved all the moving around.

BANG is a hybrid of dance, Zumba, and kickboxing. Sometimes hybrids are an epic fail, but in this instance, BANG has nailed it.

CLICK HERE to see her full post about BANG Power Dance. She also mentions how much she likes BarreOne, which is USFitness’ brand name for Freedom Barre in their locations.

Thank you so much for the kind words, Kelly! We hope to be seeing you and your readers in many more classes!

And huge thank-you to Sara! Sara team-teaches both BANG Power Dance AND Freedom Barre (like a BOSS!), under the direction of one of the best Freedom Barre Trainer/Directors we know, Evie G., who runs one of the best Group Exercise departments we know, for one of the best clubs we know, Sport & Health Old Town Alexandria, VA, overseen by Marty, for one of the best companies we know – Sport & Health!

Cheers, and we hope everyone has the same reaction you did!!
Amanda & Ben