“It is the first boutique style club for Sport & Health built to create a pristine and sophisticated environment that has kept our members engaged and excited,” says GM Christiana Robbat. “Here at Rockville Sport & Health, we specialize in taking your personal goal and finding a personal solution.”

Rockville Sport & Health features an expert team of instructors and personal trainers, a gorgeous outdoor class space overlooking the city, and over 80 group exercise classes. With so many options at your fingertips, it can be a little overwhelming at first to find the classes that are perfect for you. To make it a little easier, here are 6 Rockville Sport & Health classes that are most popular among their members, and some more insight from Christiana.

But, at the end of the day, there’s no denying it – getting back in the gym and working hard each day to reach your fitness goals isn’t easy. Luckily that’s exactly what Christiana and her team at Rockville Sport & Health are best at. So, for those that may still be on the fence, maybe these inviting, final words from Christiana will do the trick…

“The club team is warm, friendly and focused on creating an environment that has our members looking forward to coming to gym. Imagine that?!”

For more on Rockville Sport & Health and their group classes, you can visit their website at SportandHealth.com/classes.

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Image provided by Sport & Health