Over two weekends we finished taping Freedom BANG Release #15 and Freedom Barre Release #14!!

A couple of definitions and clarifications in case they’re helpful:

  1. A “Release” is a class with brand new choreography and music that is ‘released’ every 3 months or so to keep things fresh in our two “formats“: Freedom BANG and Freedom Barre
    • The release number (e.g., #14, #15 etc.) signifies the number of quarters that format has ‘released’ new classes
  2. A group fitness “format” is a category of group fitness classes such as mixed fitness, traditional hi/lo, step, barre, mind/body, dance fitness, kickboxing, strength training, indoor cycling, boot camp, etc.
    • Gym and group fitness managers often use the term “formats” when discussing their group fitness offerings at a particular location or across all of their locations
    • Freedom BANG is a mixed fitness format
    • Freedom Barre is barre format

A HUGE thank-you to everyone who took time out of their lives to participate, present and support!! You all are the ones who helped start it all!! And we’re just getting started!!

Get ready for entirely new and fun BANG and Freedom Barre classes for this coming quarter!!

Please check with your locations for particular dates and times that the new releases will be launched.