This go-round we had an injured presenter in our BANG video. She wore a boot, sat in a chair and did the arms for those participants – and we have a few – who do the workout at home due to injuries, (some even do it from a wheelchair.)

We also have presenters who are strong as hell, and not a size ZERO.

We have presenters who are over 60 who will inspire you.

We have presenters who are bold colored crayons.

We have pastels, neons, sparkly, and tiger stripes.

We have cancer survivor presenters.

We have those who struggle with mental illness, or spacial awareness, or processing challenges.

We have folks who are in recovery and always will be.

And we have lots of folks who are just fine, and getting finer every minute.

Some are strong, some are less strong and getting stronger.

Bet you didn’t notice all that in the Spike that the ECA 360 INSPIRE World Fitness Conference posted, did you?

Because we are having SO MUCH FLIPPING FUN being together.

What fitness company is walking the walk with the presenters in their videos? Telling the world that everyone can do something – let’s do it together. Our presentation team is excellent. I am so proud of every single one of them. I am proud of what we represent. Fitness – not just for the fittest 10% and if you can’t keep up – too bad for you and we leave your name off the leader board.

We ain’t got no leader board. Fitness is for everyone – even if maybe you’re a little broken in a couple places. We are there to scoop you up. Hold the door. You got this. Yes, you do. That is who we are. That is what we’re creating.

Get your shoes, World, throw your water bottle in your bag – because we ‘re coming to get you and help you get to where you know you belong.

– Amanda Strand, co-Founder, Freedom Group Exercise, February 15, 2017