Fantastic News Post article by Samantha Hogan showcasing BANG Power Dance and Freedom Barre with our partner, the YMCA – in this case, the YMCA in Frederick, Maryland.

To get the YMCA stamp of approval means a lot of me,” Amanda Strand, Co-Founder, Freedom Group Exercise.

  • How BANG and Freedom Barre target muscles and movements that give dancers strength
  • Every class offers three levels of intensity so you can tailor it to your own body and fitness goals
    • The highest intensity level includes weighted gloves, then it steps down to jumping with the moves or finally stepping your feet.
  • BANG and Freedom Barre vs. other dance fitness classes: Insanity, P90X
  • BANG Certified Instructor Kathy Brooks profile and quotes
  • Samantha Hogan (author): “Each song is a mini piece of choreography.”